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Wireless and Wire-Free Cameras

Blink cameras will last for 2 years on 2 AA lithium batteries*. Of course, battery life is of utmost importance to wireless security cameras, and our industry-leading battery life is made possible by the unique history of our designers.

"Blink is one of the best entrees into the home security market...With an easy wireless setup and cameras that boast a 2-year battery life"


Most wireless security systems require you to plug each camera into a power source. This severely limits where you can place your cameras. What’s the point of a wireless system when each camera still needs to be within a few feet of an outlet? It’s impossible to get truly great security coverage when you’re so limited with your placement options. On the other hand, Blink Cameras are wire-free. They can be placed anywhere you need within wifi range, so you can be sure that you have optimal coverage to feel safe at home.

How is it so great?

Blink is able to offer one of the best wire-free cameras because of our commitment to battery life. Other wire-free cameras need new batteries monthly or even weekly. The end result is that the cameras are inevitably dead when you need them most.

Blink is built around the VEGA chip. It’s a proprietary semi-conducter that lets our wire-free cameras last for 2 years on 2 AA batteries. Yes, you read that right. Wireless cameras that last for two years on two normal AA batteries with regular use. Always have power. Always be able to check in on home when it matters most.

All Blink Systems Feature 2 Year Battery Life!

Freedom of Movement

The Blink Camera System is incredibly easy to set up. It’s based around the sync module, which is the only element you’ll need to plug in. The sync module works like your homes wifi router. Just set it and forget it in a central location. Right next to your wifi router is actually a great spot!

Once the sync module is in place, the wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere within wifi range. There’s no worrying about odd angles or outlet-free dead zones. Blink cameras can go places others can’t, like directly above a front door, or on a tree or fence pointing back in at your property. When you’re not tethered by wires, the freedom of movement is endless.


Learn more about what makes Blink unique, or head over to Amazon to try it out for yourself. Our award-winning weatherproof Blink XT system starts at just $129.99.