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Keep your home SAFE & SECURE  

with Blink Smart Video
Security System

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100% Wire-Free, Indoor & Outdoor

Ditch the wires & mess that comes with it. Easily place cameras anywhere inside & outside.

Smartphone Compatible

Download the Blink app & sync your cameras to your phone. Get instant, mobile alerts when motion is detected. Use the live feed to monitor in real-time!

HD Video

Blink's cameras capture video at 720p HD to ensure you get a clear view of your home or business, with minimal distortion or blurring.

No Contracts - No Data Storage Fees - No Hassle!  

Choose The System That's Right For You .  
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2-Camera System
& Sync Module


3-Camera System
& Sync Module


5-Camera System
& Sync Module


Hear from our satisfied Amazon customers.
1,000,000+ Cameras Sold!

“For years I’ve been looking for an affordable home monitoring system. I was tired of paying an alarm company an ever increasing monthly fee for a bare bones wired system. The problem with most wireless systems is either that they are a hassle to set up, or there’s that lovely monthly fee to deal with again. Enter the Blink Smart Home HD Monitor and Alert System.”

- D. Rupa


“I’ve been using my blink for about two weeks now and love it. I use it watch my driveway so I can keep track of who visits my house. I originally was going to buy an exterior camera and mount it on the eve of my roof. That plan however would require that I either string a POE cable or a 110 Volts to the destination, not really worth the huge effort. The other option was to mount a Foscam inside the window, but my wife didn’t like it because it was too big.”

- Jamie Rogers


“So far FANTASTIC. I’ve only had mine for a couple of days, and honestly haven’t had time to set up all 8 cameras yet, but that is not because it is difficult or time consuming – just trying to decide where to put them all. We have one set up and it took less than 10 minutes, including opening the box and intallation. It has worked flawlessly and the picture quality is great.”

- Brandy Ricks

Save 20% Today!
Use code 'WA20' at checkout

The free Blink app sends instant alerts with recorded clips directly to your smartphone, and also features a live view.

Learn More About Blink's Features

Motion Detection - Blink's motion dection, when armed, records short clips and sends you them when movement is tracked.

Low-Light Illumination - Blink's built-in LED illuminator with advanced low-light technology allows for quality video, day or night.

Live View Mode - Easily access on-demand video streaming through our smartphone app.

Instant Alerts - Quickly get notifications on your iOS or Android smartphone so you can decide how to respond.

Voice Controlled with Amazon Alexa! - Add the Blink for Home skill through your Amazon Alexa app and arm, disarm and receive system information using your voice alone!

Blink is truly wire-free, so it’s simple to place and move within any environment.