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What is B2 Imaging Technology?

Developed by our own group of MIT engineers, B2 Imaging Technology is a highly innovative and proprietary image-processing technology that offers superior performance and efficiency over any other do-it-yourself security camera in the market today.


Two-Year Battery Life

What good is a battery-operated camera if you have to change the batteries every few weeks? Blink's highly-efficient B2 Imaging Technology delivers two years of battery life on just two AA lithium batteries for the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind. 

Exceptional Value

We design and build our own image-processing technology resulting in significant cost savings for us and, in turn, significant cost savings for you. By "cutting out the middleman" and developing our own, even superior, technology, we are able to offer a value that others simply can't. 

Superior Reliability

Through the efficiency provided by the B2 Imaging Technology, Blink is able to turn on within an impressive fraction of a second of motion being detected. This means that you catch all of the action and when it comes to security, every second counts. 

Our Story

As you know (because we said it earlier), the B2 Imaging Technology was founded by our own group of MIT engineers. What you don’t know is that it was this same group of friends that later founded Blink. Though they started this venture under the company name Immedia selling their imaging technology B2B, in 2014 they made the ultimate pivot and entered the consumer electronics industry. What was their inspiration? Peter Besen, Blink’s CEO, observed the growing trend into do-it-yourself security and noticed an obvious hole in the marketplace: the majority of the cameras were both 1) hardwired and 2) expensive. Realizing the unique opportunity that their highly-efficient and cost-effective imaging technology provided, they began developing a battery-operated security camera offering both unmatched battery life and affordability. And so began Blink.

Introduced via Kickstarter in 2014, Blink completely disrupted the security camera market and took the platform by storm earning over $1M from nearly 7000 backers. Blink has since grown to protect over 250,000 homes on 3 different continents and counting, winning back-to-back innovation awards from CES and earning the praise from publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and The Verge