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2 Year Battery Life

Blink cameras will last for 2 years on 2 AA lithium batteries*. Of course, battery life is of utmost importance to wireless security cameras, and our industry-leading battery life is made possible by the unique history of our designers.

“Blink is one of the best entries into the home security market...with an easy wireless setup and cameras that boast a 2-year battery life.”


Incredible battery life is simply encoded in Blink’s DNA. Before we were Blink: An Amazon Company, we were Immedia semiconductor. A company founded by MIT grads with a history of pushing the boundaries on what next-gen video and storage could be.

Semiconductors are the backbone of modern tech

As Immedia, we were obsessed with building the most efficient semiconductor possible. One that would allow a level of control over power consumption never before seen in consumer electronics. With the Vega chip, we succeeded.

Wireless Smart Device manufacturers were the first to see value in our chip. With the vega, they could greatly extend the battery life of their devices without making any additional changes to size or storage. The offers rolled in, but we didn’t want to see our chip slapped into a mass market camera and forgotten. We wanted to flex a little and illustrate just how powerful Vega is. To do that, we assembled a world class video engineering team and got to work making a camera of our own.


Learn more about what makes Blink unique, or head over to Amazon to try it out for yourself. Our award-winning weatherproof Blink XT system starts at just $129.99.