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2.5 Minute Blink Security Camera Review

2.5 Minute Blink Security Camera Review

A hands-on look at Blink, a cordless home security camera that features night vision, HD, recording, local storage, and free cloud storage.

Blink is a battery-powered home security camera. The technology that powers Blink is what sets it apart from other solutions along with a low price and a battery that should last up to one year. Each system is compromised of two parts: a Blink camera and a Sync module with the option to add a third component called the Blink Alarm. Together, they can cover areas in a home that are not typically reachable using a traditional home security camera. They also provide a neater, cordless aesthetic.
Blink is also different in the way it approaches security and privacy. First of all, you can arm and disarm the system remotely from the mobile app. Second, the camera includes a status indicator. The status ranges from “everything is okay” to a red light indicating there may be an issue with the camera. If you are worried that someone might hack in and game your camera’s light, have no fear. Finally, Blink is different thanks to the company that created it, Immedia Semiconductor. The hardware contains Immedia’s proprietary chip which allows the camera to enjoy a long battery life and a low price.

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One Blink with a Sync is currently $99 on Amazon. Additional cameras can be purchased.
Buy here: http://goo.gl/wqa97E


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