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You Can Take the Much-Needed Vacation and Here’s How

Summer is in session, and this means that you deserve a break! Yes, I’m talking to you! Even though you may come up with a million and one reasons that now is the wrong time – I can’t afford it, what about the kids, I’m needed at work, etc. – it’s time to stop with the excuses and start getting refreshed because now is the RIGHT time!

To help give you that friendly nudge, here are a few reasons and ways you can take your much-needed vacation:

  • You CAN afford it!

Thanks to the digital world, there are a number of sites and apps nowadays that make it their duty to find and alert you of the best, most affordable travel pricing. Look beyond Kayak.com and Travelocity, and you will find sites such as AirfareWatchdog and Yapta who scour the internet for the best, even hidden deals, or will help you receive a refund from your airline if the price for your flight is lower at a later date. You can even receive discounts on all-inclusive vacation packages using apps such as Groupon right on your phone. Booking an affordable vacation has truly never been easier.

  • Your kids are just a tap away.

Sometimes you need a vacation without the kids – it’s okay, we’ve all been there. But unless you have a relative nearby that is willing to take care of them for a few days, hiring a babysitter to stay in your home can be extremely nerve-racking. From worrying if they are actually paying attention to your kids, to wondering if they have invited friends over or are going through the liquor cabinet, it can feel like you need to supervise the babysitter while she supervises your kids. Well, thanks to Blink you now can! With the Blink do-it-yourself home monitoring system, you can receive motion alerts and recordings right to your smartphone, or even stream live video at any time when you just want to check in. Peace of mind like this is priceless, but with Blink you can get it for just $99 and no monthly fees!

  • Yes, work does need you…to take a break!

There have been countless studies conducted to determine the benefits of vacation days from work, and the findings across the board have been quite conclusive: you should take time off. Supported by an article published in the New York Times, taking vacation helps to boost “productivity, job performance, and, of course, health.”  That’s right, even your work will thank you for getting away for a while.

You can enjoy your next worry-free getaway knowing that Blink is keeping an eye on things back at home – buy your security system today!

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