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XT Feature Spotlight: IR Night Vision

One of the features we are most excited to introduce in the Blink XT is the Infrared Night Vision. This feature allows for round-the-clock surveillance, day or night. It will have visibility of up to 20 feet in complete darkness depending on exact conditions.

Interested in seeing what this night vision will look like? Check out the below examples of IR night vision from a Blink XT.

The original Blink camera has a different form of night vision that our customers love. If you want full color at night the original Blink cameras have built-in LED illuminators which can turn on automatically in low-light situations when motion is detected or Live View is used to record full-color, HD quality video at night. 

Shipping Update

If you have already pre-ordered the Blink XT camera, these will start shipping as soon as next week and continue shipping throughout the month of April. Due to the large volume of pre-orders, we expect this to take several weeks.  

For anyone who participated with one of our promotional offers for a 20% off, 50% or even free Blink XT with your Blink order, we will be sending you your promotional code around the same time frame as the pre-orders. When we list the Blink XT for sale on our website (blinkforhome.com) you will be able to redeem your code for the purchase of a Blink XT camera at that time.

Check back with us each week for the latest news and leave your questions in the comment section. Pre-orders placed today are estimated to be shipped in April. To reserve yours click here.

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