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Why You Need a Security Camera on Your Porch

If you poll a group of Americans, you'll quickly discover that the average person believes that most home burglaries occur at night under the cover of darkness. Statistics tell a different story. According to an April 2016 study, most robberies happen during the day. To shatter common beliefs even more, most burglars don't go around the back of the house or find a basement entry. Instead, they walk right through the front door. Sadly, the front door and porch area receive the least amount of video surveillance.

Is Your Front Porch a Potential Target for Burglars?

Something that you probably do know is that most burglars do not randomly pick out a house to raid. Instead, they stake out or "case" the house over a long period of time to determine the best time to burglarize it. Once they've learned the routines and habits of the residents in the house, they plan the break-in.

In most cases, the robbery occurs during the day when most parents are at work and kids are at school. Once they bust through the door, thieves typically spend less than 60 seconds inside a home. They already know what they want to steal. If a criminal can rob your house in less than a minute, your only chance of catching them is installing a security system complete with video cameras.

Blink: the Best Way to Catch a Thief

Even the most secure homes can fall prey to a skilled thief. Although you may not be able to keep a burglar from getting in your home, you can catch them in the act with a Blink video surveillance system. Blink video cameras can capture and display high-definition videos that you can view on your smart phone, or tablet. Top-quality videos give you the capability to identify both the burglar and his or her actions with absolute clarity. You can even determine what was stolen from your home.

A Blink video camera complete with sensors will alert you when a home invasion occurs. You'll receive an instant notification on your phone through the Blink app. 

We recommend that you place the Blink security camera on your porch facing the front door. Since Blink cameras are wireless, you can put them anywhere you wish. They're a low-cost solution for homeowners, college students, or young adults moving into an apartment or rental home for the first time. Install Blink security for that priceless peace of mind while home, or away.