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What to Do If a Package Was Stolen from Your Front Porch

The holidays are among the busiest time of year for shopping online. That increase in package deliveries also leads to increased parcel theft. To avoid being a victim, make sure that your Blink home security cameras are monitoring your entry. With a wireless home security system, you can move cameras to monitor specific areas at different times, like when you’re expecting a delivery. A Blink system lets you keep an eye on deliveries or alert a friend to pick it up on arrival.

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But what should you do when you discover that a delivered parcel has disappeared?

The UPS website advises looking around carefully. Check concealed areas. Your delivery notes may indicate where the package was left. If you still can’t find it, your security system footage can show you exactly where to look.

If your parcel was stolen, the steps you need to follow vary. The important thing is to not delay. You have a finite amount of time to file a claim. So, make sure you:

-Gather your order number, details of the ordered items, payment method used, purchase confirmation email, tracking number, proof of shipping insurance, shipping dates, and all of the other details of your transaction. 

-Contact the retailer. Most major retailers have procedures in place for replacing stolen items.

-Take notes. Record the dates and times that you call and the names of the representatives that you speak to as well as their instructions.

-Get in touch with the shipper and initiate a claim. FedEx, UPS, and the USPS all offer up to $100 of free coverage with ground and express services. If your item was additionally insured, you’ll have various options. Find out what your options are from your shipping company, and follow their instructions carefully.

-Call your credit card company, bank, or PayPal about their coverage. You may be eligible for a refund through your payment method.

-File a report with local police. If you paid for third party package insurance or wish to pursue restitution through your homeowner’s insurance, a police report will be a required first step for filing a claim. Make sure to turn over any security camera footage with your report.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. An easy-to-install wireless home monitoring system can deter potential thieves from considering your home a target in the first place. Video security systems like Blink are easy to set up, affordable, and offer the advantage of remote monitoring via smartphone. You can set up as many cameras as you need wherever you want them, indoors or out. When you choose Blink for your home security needs, you are protected 24/7, without a monthly fee.

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