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What Beauty Salon Owners Should Know About Security

Security isn't pretty. The technology at your beauty salon can get as technical as you want, from the type of video camera to high-tech alerts and alarms. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to find the right protection.

Security Should Be a 24-7 Commitment—With No Holidays.

You never know when an intrusion may occur, and often, holidays are a prime time for store break-ins. And it’s likely it has already happened to you. The National Retail Federation reports that 100 percent of retail companies experience organized retail crime. This could come from an employee “innocently” taking a designer brush and comb for personal use, or a client slipping a bottle of shampoo into her purse before exiting the salon. Proper security footage can help you catch and correct incidents like this—no matter when and where they happen.

Intruders Could Try to Disable Security Cameras.

Criminology 101: destroy the evidence! The wires and bulky material of traditional video security software can be obtrusive and make it easier for intruders to find. Search for security software that’s easy to hide because it is small, durable and wireless.

There are Different Types of Security Features.

Different businesses require different levels of software. For instance, a car shop has a more open layout than a small storefront, so it may require more outdoor video monitoring. As a salon, you may have more high-profile clients, which may require restricted access in some areas. Research the type of security features that work best for you. Security companies offer a variety of products to fit any outdoor or indoor need.

There’s an App for That!

Have multiple business sites? No problem! Save money by controlling every aspect of your security software from an app! Blink offers multi-system support so you can connect various security systems to your phone and control them at the same time!

Security Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune.

Blink home security and video monitoring provides a watchful eye and a one-click connection to your home for an amazingly affordable price, often as low as $99. You are merely clicks away from safer business days. Get started contract-free at BlinkForHome.com!