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Statistics Show Package Theft Soars around the Holidays

Statistics tell us that the average American spends over $900 on holiday gifts, and at least half of all holiday shopping is now done online. That means a huge uptick in package deliveries, and, unfortunately, a corresponding increase in package theft.

A 2016 study by Insurancequotes.com found that an estimated 23 million Americans have been the victim of package theft. The study went on to warn that that number is only going to rise as more and more shopping is conducted online.


Many of these thieves actually follow delivery trucks right into neighborhoods to snatch unattended parcels from porches. With UPS estimating that they'll deliver over 630 million packages during the holiday season, there is a lot of opportunity for enterprising criminals.
It's no surprise, then, that during this time of year, many people find themselves asking how they can prevent their expensive packages from being stolen. Having deliveries sent to a less vulnerable location, such as your office, is a good solution, but it's not possible for everyone and it doesn't account for weekend or after-hours deliveries. Many shippers can't deliver to PO Boxes, or they require that the billing and shipping addresses match. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

Safeguarding your home and property with a home security system and adding signage indicating that the property is under video surveillance is proven to serve as a crime deterrent. After all, why would a criminal risk being caught on a security camera when there are plenty of unguarded homes to rob? Home monitoring with a video security system provides unparalleled protection against theft.

Video footage of thefts can also be used to help law enforcement identify criminals, and it provides necessary proof for insurance claims.A home security system like Blink is a low cost, convenient measure that provides peace of mind against crimes like package theft. Ideal for renters, Blink home security systems are battery operated and wireless, which means no drilling into walls or wiring into the electrical system. There are no monthly monitoring fees, and you can watch the feed right from your smartphone via our convenient app. Blink's easy-to-use wireless security cameras can be taken with you, so you never have to sacrifice peace of mind when you travel or move.

Don't be a package thief's next target this holiday season. Guard your home and property with a Blink Security System.