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Over 100 5 Star Reviews on Amazon!


UPDATE (June 29, 2016) Since this post, we now have over 400 5 Star Reviews on Amazon!

We are only a few months into the year and the milestones keep coming – we just passed 100 5 star reviews on Amazon! In fact, over 88% of our reviews are 4 stars or better! 

We’re thrilled that so many customers are happy with their Blink systems. Home video monitoring should be available to everyone without the restraints of wires, monthly fees and the cost of the expensive alternatives.

Here is a selection of some of our 5-Star Amazon Reviews

These reviews come from our 4 listings on Amazon.

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amazon-5-starIf you want some security cameras that work as advertised and can pretty much be placed anywhere you can think of in …  February 10, 2016 By Gregory L. Stouton

I have tried several home cameras over the years. None of them has worked as well as Blink.I currently have a 4 camera setup in my house. Having no wires is a game changer. I’ve had my cameras for about 2 months now and all 4 cameras still show a full battery. If you want some security cameras that work as advertised and can pretty much be placed anywhere you can think of in your house then get Blink.

amazon-5-starWHERE TO START, March 2, 2016 By PETE 13

WOW… WOW is the only place I can start. Not everybody can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a security system. But our stuff is just as important to us as the people who can afford high pricing camera systems. I love this system. Knowing what I know now, even if I had a lot of money to spend on a camera system, this system is high end, wireless, inexpensive, Fantastic resolution, above average stills, easy to install (5 minutes to do all five cameras), great coverage angle per camera, and the ability to watch live, turn on feed clips when you set the system to away. Just an absolute fantastic product all around. Finally, a company looking out for the little guy who wants to protect his stuff just as much as anyone else.

amazon-5-starAmazing Camera – Seamless live stream – Just 5 inches of wire for the module!! thats it!, February 4, 2016 By virji1988

I am normally very critical with my reviews. This Camera is amazing or should I say Weirdly Amazing.

amazon-5-starAwesome security that you control, February 4, 2016 By Amazon Customer

This is the best money for a security system! I like this much better than the expensive security whose contract I will have to pay thousands to get out of and avoid having monthly fees and setting off an alarm by accident.

amazon-5-starGreat System, February 4, 2016 By Scott KY

To sum up, these cameras are exactly what I was looking for. I can monitor my home at anytime from anywhere. I don’t have to worry about going on vacation or going to the store. I do plan on purchasing more Blink cameras so that I can fully monitor my home. Now they just need to come out with outdoor cameras!

amazon-5-starGreat product – super easy install, amazing clarity and great value, March 1, 2016 By  Jessica Aronoff

I was blown away by how easy the install, setup and use of Blink has been in comparison. It just works. Brain dead simple to add more cameras. The controls for sensitivity of motion detection are great as is the low light performance. And I really appreciate being able to enable/disable notifications and watch in real time all from one menu. As a first release you really nailed it – can’t wait to see updates and follow on products! Thanks

amazon-5-starIntuitive and simple setup, February 4, 2016 By AMElia TRULL

Wow! I’m super impressed with how intuitive and simple set up is for these units. You can “arm” it from your app no matter where you are and you can snap a still photo or go live to cameras wherever you happen to be. Plus you will get an immediate update if there is motion where your camera is poised. No subscription–just excellence for an extremely affordable price!! I checked on my fish tank from work today–50 miles from home

amazon-5-starTwo Thumbs Up for Blink, February 14, 2016 By Derrick

Thank you for this product. The 5 camera systems covers every area I need. Completely satisfied. In addition, received the system in a week. Not months but a week. Easy set up. Just follow the directions. Almost crazy how easy it is to use and very simple interface. Appreciate the thought you put in this product.


Do you have a great story about your Blink cameras? Whether you purchased your wireless home monitoring system here on our site or through Amazon, let us know about it by commenting below!


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