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Identifying High-Crime Areas of Town

Before moving into an area, you should research the neighborhood to find out if it is a safe place to live. There are resources that you can utilize to get the facts about crime in the community. Below, a few of the most practical are listed.

Visit the Area Yourself

When it comes to safety, you should trust your intuition. As you drive through the streets of the neighborhood, what do you notice?

Are families spending time outside?
Are there locals walking around on sidewalks?
Are there bars on the windows of houses and businesses?
Do you see a high number of cops or crime prevention signs posted?
Do you feel safe as you drive through the neighborhood?

Find Crime Statistics Online

Thankfully, you can find the crime statistics for any zip code in the US by looking online. There are several websites dedicated to reporting crime statistics and providing detailed safety information about every area. Some of the more notable websites include:


These sites can provide information that encompasses the most recent crimes, areas in which there are registered sex offenders, violent crime rates, and even real estate information pertaining to crime, such as market values.

Talk to Locals

No one can give you more accurate information on a neighborhood than the people that live there. Take some time to talk to a handful of residents to find out about the activity in the area during the day and late evening hours. Find out what types of crimes are most reported. If there is no activity in the immediate neighborhood, begin to determine how close the area is to the “bad part of town.”

Visit the Sheriff’s Office

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online or by talking to local residents, then simply call or visit local law enforcement. Although the sheriff’s office probably won’t give you details, they can advise you on whether or not the community is a safe place in which to live. They can probably give you specifics on what type of crimes to be aware of and possibly even give you tips on what type of security would be appropriate for your home.

Watch the Local News

Almost every news channel in the nation has online streaming news or news reports on their websites. Look up the news station for the city or area you are researching, and view or read the news reports. Look through the archived reports over the last 3-6 months. What type of news is the station reporting and how often?

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