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How to Tell Mom You’re Safe with a Security System

When the day comes that you finally strike out on your own, no one will take it harder than your mom. After all, she taught you everything she could about how to make it out there—and now the day has finally come to test that knowledge. Thus, it should come as no surprise that your mom will bombard you with a fusillade of questions once you’ve found a new place to stay.

If you want to instill your mother’s confidence in your ability to make it on your own, assure her that the first thing you did upon moving in was buy your own video security system. You’re taking control of your own protection, and she will respect that. Once you’ve put the system in place, here’s what your mom will want to know.

 You’re Not Spending Too Much Money for Home Security

You’ll be spending almost every dime you make to prove that you can maintain your independence. The last thing you need is an additional monthly expense. So, if you want to impress your mom, then tell her this:

“I’ve purchased an affordable home security system without any monthly subscription fees and no up-front installation costs.”

You Can Customize Your Security System

Companies like Blink allow users to purchase multiple video cameras. If your mom wonders how you could possibly know how to set up and use your new security equipment, then tell her this:

“I placed reliable, high-definition, infrared, wireless video security cameras by the front door, the back door, the hallway to my room, and the outside border of the house. They display crystal clear video on my phone so that I can identify anyone trying to break in.”

The Technology is Better Than It’s Ever Been

If you’re going to convince your mom that you invested in the right security system, then don’t leave out any details about the equipment, or the myriad features of the system:

“The entire system is wireless. I can place the devices anywhere I want and take them with me when I move. I can see intruders from my phone when I’m away or in my bedroom. I don’t have to replace the batteries for years.”

If you’re looking for a dependable home monitoring system, then check out all the features and benefits of Blink Security. You can set up all of the equipment and have it ready for monitoring in less than 30 minutes. Check out Blink today to order your new system.

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