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How To: Save Space in a Small Apartment

When it comes to making the most of a small space, air space and multi-purpose are your best friends. If you’re not sure where you can fit something, the answer may be right, well, above your nose. Avoiding the clutter is going to take some creative-thinking and a new perspective, but here are some ideas to get you started.



1. Storage Beds

You really can’t go wrong with these – they are stylish and convenient and provide a great space for all of your extra blankets, sweaters, pillows, and shoes.

2. Mounted Shelves

The key to avoiding a disorganized and busy apartment is making the preservation of floor-space your number one priority. Don’t take up much-needed walking-paths with bulky cupboards or dressers – instead mount your shelves on your walls, above your bedframe, or next to your bed like a night-stand.

3. Chest Tables

Not only are these extremely stylish and go with nearly every apartment décor, but they also can double as coffee tables and, more importantly, storage space.

4. Storage Chairs and Footstools

These backless chairs (or footstools, depending on how many people you are hosting) will help to improve your posture, are easy to move as needed, and will help to fool your guests into thinking your apartment is bigger than it is.

5. Curtains and Windows

Large curtains and re-purposed windows are great ways to create some separation in your small apartment. This way, even when your apartment may only consist of one or two rooms, you can create privacy and purpose to your small space without the cost or obtrusiveness of actual walls.


6. Hanging Kitchenware

When you have bulky pots and pans that cannot be efficiently and effectively stored in a cabinet or drawer, you should – you guessed it – look up! All you need to do is attach some hooks above your sink or on your wall, and just like that you have an aesthetically pleasing decoration with a purpose!

7. Magnetic Spice Rack

Here is another unique and convenient way to open up that scarce kitchen-storage space: magnetic spice tins are labelled, add natural color to your kitchen, make your spices more accessible and easier to find, and help to prevent you from impulsively buying tacky refrigerator magnets. You can search for a variety here.

8. Wire-Free Products

With the assumption that your space is small, your outlets are probably few and far-between. You need as many wire-free products as possible so as to save the outlets for the items that really need it (like your phone charger, laptop, or, let’s be honest, waffle-maker), and to avoid bulky power-strips. The flexibility of wire-free lamps, home security cameras, and other gadgets helps to give your apartment an even cleaner look.

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