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How to Prevent Theft at Your Retail Store

You’ve worked hard to build your business and create a loyal clientele. The last thing you need is an intruder attempting to take it all away. There are our best tips to help business owners protect their retail establishments from larceny.

Constant Preparation

Your store is prone to threats any time of the day, even when you and your employees are performing small daily tasks. This could include the early morning or late night restocking sessions, or when closing the shop for lunch. Set security measures for every interaction with the outside world and make sure to never divert from your routine. For instance, no matter how much you trust your employees—and how much they trust each other—certain things should be locked and secure each day before everyone goes home.

Give ‘Em a Warning

Thieves may be less likely to intrude on your store if they know someone’s watching them do it. Place signs and stickers at the entrances to your property making sure they are visible for everyone who approaches. Blink’s home security and video monitoring, for example, offers bright green stickers and yard signs that make the perfect cautionary statements.

React Wisely

There should be some systems in place that let your employees know when a threat is serious, as well as materials delineating the actions they need to take to protect customers. Do you have code words? Have you picked a designated place to go for safety? Does everyone have the key phone numbers to call? Do they know where to find the panic button? Consider having monthly meetings and drills on these measures so that you and your employees are ready for anything.

Check your Software Frequently

When is the last time you checked to see if your cameras were working properly? It’s often hard to keep up with the maintenance of older technology. Blink’s video cameras are accessible right on your smartphone and provide easy updates and alerts. Plus, the technology includes two years’ worth of battery life.

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