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Home Security Audit Checklist: Start With The Basics

Over 2 million burglaries occur every year, resulting in $4.6 billion in lost property. You might think that you’re on top of security measures for your home, but an opportunistic criminal has many ways to break-in. There may have even been an attempted break in that you do not even know about! Use this checklist to audit your home security and make changes that could stop you from becoming the next house burglary victim.




Lock Your Doors Every Time You Leave the House

Don’t be tempted to leave any door open because you’ll just ‘be a minute’. All it takes is a few minutes of distraction to give a criminal the chance they need to access your home. If you leave for a longer period, make sure your Blink system is armed.

How sturdy is your door’s construction?

The fanciest locks in the world won’t save your possessions if someone can kick right through it. Solid wood or metal doors are a must for secure exterior entrances.

Are deadbolts available on all outside doors?

If not, spend some time putting them in place. This is an easy security measure to take that is worth your time to install.

Check all your windows for locks, including the second floor.

Ideally, you have more than one locking mechanism on the windows to keep them secure. If you don’t, double check to make sure the locks are functioning.

Are your windows and glass sliding doors shatter resistant?

Thin glass doesn’t create a strong deterrent against a particularly motivated criminal.

Where do you put your spare keys?

Doormats, flowerpots and fake rocks are not fooling anyone who’s determined enough to break in. Keep them with a friend, neighbor or family member.

Can you manually lock your garage door?

Automatic openers offer a convenient way for your car to get in and out of the garage, but they create a vulnerable home security point because they are easier to break into. If a burglar gets into the garage, they may find weaker doors than the exterior ones or simply take valuables stored in this area. Get a separate lock that doesn’t depend on your garage door opener.

Do your doors and windows on tracks have protection?

They should have the ability to lock from the inside only and you shouldn’t be able to pull these off of their tracks from the outside.

Here are the first steps to making your home secure. The second part to our checklist can be found here. Check out our Home Security Infographic. By following these tips and installing your “Blink Video Security System” you are on your way to a more secure home. To browse our current products click here.


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