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Blink XT Shipping Update

We Are Shipping!

We have started shipping the Blink XT. Thousands of Blink XTs have left our fulfillment centers and are on the way to our first pre-order customers.

Due to the volume of the orders we have received for the Blink XT we are experiencing an increase in emails. Please be assured we are working as fast as we can to reply to each of them.

I haven’t received it yet, but my card has been charged.

It could take longer than standard shipping to receive your Blink XT. Thank you for your patience!

I haven’t received it yet and my card hasn’t been charged.

Make sure you go into your pre-order confirmation email to update any changes in your information. If you have a different credit card or address this is a great time to update it so your pre-order will automatically ship when ready.

How do I open the Blink XT?

Once you receive your Blink XT you will notice that inserting the batteries is different. The latch for the Blink XT is now in the middle of the back battery cover. The Blink XT is weatherproof, meaning we wanted to ensure that the camera was sealed properly. The first new times it may be more difficult than you are used  to when opening.

Check out the video below for more detailed instructions.

Blink Customer Bryan S. sent us in his first reaction of the Blink XT

“I love the Blink outdoor XT. At first I was skeptical that I’d get a great quality outdoor image from such an inexpensive camera but this has exceeded those expectations–we’ve even caught some cool wildlife out there! Thanks Blink for working to allow me to secure my home without having to drill holes and run wires.”

Can I still pre-order?

Yes you can! The demand has been so high and outpaced what we originally thought. It should be listed on the site at the end of May but if you want to get in line, place your pre-order for the Blink XT now.

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