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Blink XT Feature Spotlight: Weatherproof

Thanks for checking out the latest update for the Blink XT! This week we wanted to do a deeper dive into the differences between the current Blink camera you know and love, and the new Blink XT. Our most requested features are for IR night vision and for weatherproof capabilities which we are excited to introduce in the Blink XT.

Shipping Update! The first batch of Blink XT cameras have left the factory! This means we are only days from shipping out our first units to pre-order customers. At this point, our goal is to complete the pre-order shipments by the end of April. However, demand for the Blink XT is exceptionally high and some customers who ordered more recently might receive them in early May. The customers who are waiting for promotional codes for Blink XT will also receive the information on how to redeem these in April.

Thank you to everyone who either pre-ordered the Blink XT or participated in a promotion. We are excited to finally start shipping these out to customers. Please stay tuned to this blog for updates. If there are changes to the shipping dates or delays, we will post the information you need here.

What new features are you most excited for? Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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