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Benefits of Having Access to Your Child’s Home Security App

Having a home security app for the kids is added peace-of-mind to many parents. But, between hanging with friends and taking the perfect selfie — they may not be taking it as seriously as you do. From the potential dangers of real threats to making sure they are using it properly, here are the top reasons why it’s necessary to have access to your children’s video security app.

Become Their Backup

Give a child their own electronic device, and you run the risk of them losing it. Nothing’s worse than a stranger finding your child’s phone and along with it, access to your home. Having access to your child’s app protects you in the case of the inevitable. With Blink’s easy-to-use software, you can easily disable the app on their phone and keep your security intact.

Because Mistakes Happen

Is your child going to be held responsible for implementing part of the home security monitoring? Whether asking them to make sure it’s enabled when they head off to school, or when they arrive home, you can make sure that it happens from your phone, just in case they forget.

Know First-Hand How They Are Using It

As a parent, it’s your job to keep your children safe. Make sure you have access to know if any alerts come through on their phone and how your child handled them. If you get a frantic call about a shadow they see coming up the driveway, easily access their app to determine for yourself if it’s a dangerous situation or just the neighbor’s sly cat.

Control Arming and Disarming

If your children get clever in working the app, they may realize that they have controls to turn it off when they don’t want you to see what they are doing. Did they disable monitoring for a house guest you didn’t approve of? Make sure you have access to their app to keep track!

Watch Their Monitoring Behaviors

Children don’t need to be exposed to everything. Set certain security cameras up on your child’s smartphone. That way, they can monitor safely and securely without invading your privacy or that of their siblings.

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